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Professional Affiliate
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Jun 30th
This membership is for individuals only

The Professional Affiliate Membership category is for professionals interested in the international inbound travel industry but not affiliated with or employed by a company eligible for any other category of membership in the association, including but not limited to retired persons, students, educators, individuals formerly involved in the industry and other persons interested in international inbound travel.  Should the Professional Affiliate Member become employed by a company that qualifies for membership, they must upgrade to the appropriate membership category.

Exception: Travel professionals employed or furloughed by a company or organization that qualifies for membership but is unable to join due to a crisis, e.g. pandemic, natural disaster, company merger/acquisition/reorganization, may be eligible for membership for one-year or to the end of the Association's fiscal year, whichever comes first, after which, the company must join the Association in the appropriate membership category. 

 Professional Affiliate Members may serve on committees but may not be elected to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee. Professional Affiliate Members are not permitted to vote on the affairs of the Association.

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Membership dues are non-refundable.